Devold Thermal Jacket

Devold® Thermal Jacket

Thermal is made from 100 % wool jersey, provides good protection against cold, radiant heat and flames.

The garments have a smooth outer surface to give the best protection. Wool is voluminous and airy and has excellent insulation properties against coldness.

With Devold® Thermal, the wearer keeps warm even at rest, since wool can absorb significant amounts of moisture without feeling wet. Devold® Thermal is user-friendly with side panels, and thumb loops to maximize protection and isolation. Wool does not melt, and Devold® Thermal is Zirpro treated to give extra flame retardant properties. The garments are also ant shrink treated to give dimensional stability.

Our founder Ole Andreas Devold, had a solid technical knowledge in fabric production, and familiarity with the properties of wool, since his family had produced clothing since the 1760s. Since then, knowledge in manufacturing wool products has been passed down from generation to generation of expert craftsmen. Today, more then 160 years later, our goal is still to make quality garments that withstand wear and tear. Devold® delivers high quality apparels, combined with functional and attractive design.

Since 1969 Devold® Protection have developed underwear, mid layer and socks, designed to protect against accidents or injuries when working under conditions involving cold, heat, flame and metal splash. Flame retardant products from Devold® Protection were as number one in Europe approved according to the European standard – EN 531 and the Swedish standard – EBR (the electric arc test). We were also number one to get the ENV 50354 approval on natural fibre.

We are constantly doing research, testing and trials to give the customers what they want – Security for their employees. Our products are tested and approved according to the current European norms and standards.

Devold® Protection focuses on maintaining a high environmental profile throughout the production, and many of our products are Oeko Tex certified.


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