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Lone Working

A lone worker (LW) is someone who performs an activity in isolation from other workers. With no-one to assist them a risk assessment may be required. Lone working can now be supported by cloud-based monitoring systems and monitoring call centres. In the United Kingdom they are called Alarm Receiving Centres or ARCs , or Emergency Dispatch Centers or EDCs in the USA. What to consider in your lone working risk assessment A healthy and safe working environment for lone working can be different from organising the health and safety of others. They should not, though, be more at risk than other people. It will often be safe to work alone. However, employers must think about any health and safety risks before people are allowed to do so. Things you need to consider include: assessing risk areas, including violence manual handling the medical suitability of the individual does the workplace itself present a risk? training requirements levels of experience how best to monitor / supervise having systems to keep in touch

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