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Baths and Circulators

Which type of baths and circulators do you need for your lab equipment or facility? Circulating Baths Circulating baths often include a reservoir area for holding samples such as flasks and beakers. An integral pump circulates the bath fluid in the tank, but also circulates to external equipment in open- or closed-loop applications if needed. Typical temperature ranges are from –90 to 300°C. Heat load removal can be up to 1000 watts. Utility Baths For maintaining relatively few temperature set points over longer periods of time. Heating Circulating Baths Open or closed baths for internal or external heating. Shaking Water Baths Combines the features of standard baths with the ability to agitate sample containers. Immersion Circulators Equipped with a heater, temperature controller, and a circulating pump. Can be used with a wide variety of tanks. Coliform Testing Baths Specifically designed for easy coliform testing. Viscosity Baths For maintaining constant temperature required for Kinematic Viscosity measurements. Bath Accessories Basic bath and circulator accessories include floating PP, floating HDPE balls, lab algicide, tanks, and bath fluids.

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