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Safety Eyewear

Safety eyewear is protective equipment for the eyes. Threats for workers can be particles, light, wind blast, heat, spray. These pieces of personal protective equipment are usually made with shatter-resistant plastic lenses to protect the eye from flying debris. Safety glasses used in medicine may be expected to protect against blood splatter. Safety glasses in a factory might have stronger lenses and a stronger frame. They may have additional shields at the temples to protect from sawdust, flying wood, or metal. Regulations The Protection of Eyes Regulations 1974 was repealed and replaced with Regulation 4 of the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992. It requires employers to provide suitable eye protection to employees who may be exposed to risks to their health and safety such as:- Full face visors offer maximum protection in extreme work conditions. Full face shields offer a wide protection area and remain mist free even in wide temperature swings. As chemical splashes and vapours can hit you from all angles it is essential that full eye enclosure like unvented goggles is selected. Full face shields protect the whole face from splashes. Chin guards should be selected for splashes deflecting up from a work surface. Impact hazards are caused by fast moving particles from operations such as chipping, grinding, cutting, etc and also from broken tools and grinding machinery. Assess the potential impact speed before selecting the appropriate eye protector. Safety spectacles could be dislodged by high velocity impacts so goggles or face shields should be opted for. Let us help you find the right safety eyewear for your needs.

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