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What is the difference between workwear and protective clothing? Work wear is a subdivision or category of protective clothing that tends to be worn all the time during work. This might include work trousers, safety jackets, hi vis clothing, rain wear, overalls, safety footwear, etc. It gives a certain amount of protection from cuts, scrapes, dust and splashes but not a high level against severe injury or death. Your work wear needs to cope with tough environments. It has to leave staff comfortable and ready for daily challenges. And nowadays, it must present a smart, sometimes corporate, image to the world. Some work places provide it as uniform or corporate clothing. Some countries term it secondary protective clothing as opposed to primary protective clothing. This can be worn under the primary layer for additional protection. What does workwear not protect against? Work clothes and work clothing in this category must never be used to protect against grave dangers such as arc flash, chemical hazards, gas and fume, etc. Our advertisers can supply and manufacture workwear for all areas of industry.

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