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Bodytrak® is a data-driven company fuelled by science, based in the heart of London, providing a smart safety solution that’s designed to reduce workplace risks and prevent incidents related to heat stress, fatigue and noise exposure.

The company was founded to help solve real problems faced by people that affect their health and wellbeing. Sparked by two key events, the SAS soldier fatalities on the Brecon Beacons in 2013 and the global rise of temperatures causing a significant increase in workplace fatalities, it was strikingly evident that no solutions were available to prevent such occupational hazards. More often than not, highly accurate sensing devices used in research labs are attached to subjects and tethered to desktop machines making them impractical for industrial and workplace environments. The opportunity to evolve the accuracy of lab-based apparatus by integrating miniature sensors and electronic components into a convenient solution that enables the same functionality in a lightweight, durable, and cost-effective wearable would change the game. From this, Bodytrak was born.

Bodytrak is now the world’s most comprehensive safety solution. The device monitors physiological responses to challenging and hazardous environments in the workplace. With the ability to provide individualised monitoring, precise data is captured through a wearable device to trigger immediate alerts enabling early intervention to prevent injury, and even death. Both the user and supervisor receive alerts when configurable thresholds are exceeded. The Bodytrak Platform provides access to automated reports to help organisations identify trends to improve safety practices, ensure compliance and enhance productivity. 

Proven by customers as an essential risk mitigation solution across a wide range of applications, such as lone working to metal smelting, Bodytrak’s mission is to disrupt the approach to health and safety in the workplace. By working with customers, regulators and the insurance industry, the company is committed to defining new standards and reducing the number of workplace incidents and fatalities around the world.

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Designed with usability and comfort as a focus, Bodytrak is the only non-invasive product of its kind on the market. Due to its proximity to the hypothalamus (the temperature control centre of the body), the ear is an excellent site to measure core body temperature and heart rate. As a result, Bodytrak is extremely effective and accurate for industrial use.

The Bodytrak device can also provide hearing protection when required (via Hear:safe™ earbuds) as well as noise dosimetry. Noise dosimetry is used to prevent noise induced hearing loss by measuring accumulating noise exposure at the ear to alert for excessive noise. These added features of protection ensure organisations can have a cost-effective safety solution that covers a number of workplace risks factors in one convenient, intuitive overall solution rather than disparate systems.

Device features:

  • Multiple physiological health markers
  • Wearable and lightweight
  • 8+ hours of battery life
  • Integrated Wi-Fi and cellular data communications
  • Bluetooth® compatibility
  • Audio prompt alerts
  • Ambient hearing via Hear:Thru™ earbuds
  • Hearing protection via Hear:Safe™ earbuds
  • Convenient belt clip on CommPack

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