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Data Loggers

Data loggers record measurements such as temperature, relative humidity, light intensity, ultraviolet radiation over a period of time. They are small, battery-powered devices that are equipped with a microprocessor, data storage and sensor. Software on a personal computer views or processes collected data. Logging parameters are set such as sampling intervals and start time, etc. The logger is then disconnected and taken to the desired location. It records each measurement and stores it along with the time and date. When reconnected the logger is used to see the measurements as a graph, showing the profile over time. Applications for data loggers Data loggers are used in environmental monitoring applications for soil monitoring, air monitoring, water, noise and other areas that impact human society. Temperature and humidity data loggers collect information from industrial process emissions that keep tight control on how we affect the precious environment around us. Data loggers have become smaller, less expensive, more accurate and more reliable over time. Benefits are ease of use, reliability, accuracy and value.

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