Water Analysis and Monitoring

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Water Analysis and Monitoring

Water analysis, testing and monitoring is the continuous sampling of various liquid streams and the analysis of quality. Water chemistry analyses are carried out to identify and quantify chemical components and properties. Liquid streams include rivers, lakes, groundwater, recirculated cooling streams, boiler feedwater or condensate, and process effluents. Natural environment Samples of water from the environment are taken by regulatory authorities. This is to ensure that waters are unpolluted. If they are polluted, levels should not be rising, or they should be falling in accordance with a remediation plan. Drinking water Surface or ground water abstracted for drinking water must meet rigorous chemical standards following treatment. Process emissions control In industrial processes the control of the quality of process water greatly affects the end product. Water is often used as a carrier of reagents. Any loss must be continuously monitored to ensure the correct replacement rate. All parameters will relate specifically and uniquely to that particular process.

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