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Customisable Inline Disc Filters for instrumentation protection

Helapet custom manufacture disposable in-line disc filters, used for the vital protection of sensitive instrumentation from the risk of particulates and micro-contamination. Each filter is produced in an ISO Class 8 rated cleanroom, combining a variety of filter media contained in a circular polymer capsule with a selection of inlet/outlet connectors. Our filters are used for a variety of equipment protection applications including gas venting, liquid clarification and particle filtration. Low linting, clean and able to withstand intense heat and pressure, we also offer Tampo brand printing allowing clients to add whatever information they wish directly onto the filter in a range of colours.

✓ Can be fitted inline onto a variety of devices and instrumentation

✓ Precisely designed to exact specifications and tolerances

✓ Compact and lightweight for neat fitting inside equipment

✓ Cleanroom manufactured to reduce risk of contamination

✓ Low production volumes at competitive prices

✓ Complete traceability and certification


Client services include:

In-process consultancy

We pride ourselves on offering a consultancy based

manufacturing service, working closely with our clients and

using CAD software to create the best filter designs


We can produce prototype sample on each new filter product

for you to test before proceeding to manufacture


Our expert knowledge means we can supply our filters

non-sterile or sterilised by Ethylene Oxide (ETO)

Testing and validation

We offer clients a number of test methods to validate

our filter performance

✓ Bubble Point / Alcohol

✓ Housing integrity

✓ Media integrity

✓ Air / Liquid Flow Rate

✓ Peristaltic Pump

✓ Burst / Diffusion




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