Pyrolon® CRFR Cool Suit Safety Clothing

Breathable chemical protective suit constructed with Pyrolon FR fabrics that do not burn 
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Lakeland Protects People. It’s what we do. Our products are used every day in a wide variety of industries as well as applications throughout the world. Used to ensure workers stay safe from harm by hazards including chemicals, flames and heat.

Lakeland Industries Inc was founded over 30 years ago as the first manufacturer of nonwoven disposable coveralls.

The company now manufactures a range of protection for body, hands and arms against chemical, flame and heat in a variety of disposable and woven fabrics.

All key product manufacturing is done in-house through Lakeland’s global network of manufacturing facilities. With none being undertaken through contractors, so Lakeland maintains full control of design, production and quality. Lakeland is committed to ensuring all products continue to meet or exceed the latest international and also regional product standards. The network of regional sales divisions staffed by highly knowledgeable experts in the field, now covers five continents. Consequently Lakeland increasingly works with many of the world leading distributors of safety clothing and equipment.

With a global reach Lakeland Industries is fast becoming the world’s leading protective clothing manufacturers and the company’s high commitment to quality as the number one factor – quality of design, product, production and service – is one explanation why workers all over the world are increasingly turning to Lakeland for their choice of protective clothing.

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Whist CE standards tend to address hazards such as chemicals and flames in isolation in the real world users often need protection against multiple hazards – petrochemical environments often require protection against BOTH chemicals AND flames and heat.

The Pyrolon CRFR Cool Suit features the innovative Cool Suit Type 4 Chemical protective design and the FR properties of Pyrolon Fabrics. Pyrolon CRFR offers an effective barrier against permeation of a range of hazardous chemicals combined with the thermal properties of Pyrolon fabrics; in contact with flames the fabric disintegrates but does not ignite, burn or drip molten debris. Meanwhile the concealed rear panel is constructed of Pyrlon Plus 2 – breathable and with the same FR properties.

The result is a breathable Type 4 chemical suit that does not burn.

The Lakeland Type 4 Cool Suit design uses the protective fabric in the critical areas of the suit – the front, the limbs and the hood. To the less critical rear is a breathable panel of fabric, covered by a protective cover of the main suit fabric and sealed at top and sides. The bottom is left partially open to allow air to circulate in and out of the suit – assisted by the “bellows effect” the tendency of low breathable fabric garments to actively “pump” air in and out of the suit.

Understanding the difference between Type 3 and Type 4 garments is critical in ensuring the best protection whilst minimising cost and maximising comfort; we estimate 80% of applications are Type 4 and not Type 3, so when using a Type 3 garment for a Type 4 application means paying for more protection than you need. Lakeland’s “Guide to Chemical Suit Selection” guides users through identifying the difference.

Key Features:

  • Pyrolon CRFR Cool Suit with breathable rear panel
  • Breathable and FR Type 4 chemical protection
  • Pyrolon fabrics do not ignite burn or drip molten debris – certified to FR standard EN 14116 (Index 1)
  • Orange fabric with grey seams, rear cover and knee-pads.
  • Stitched and taped seams
  • Intrinsic anti-static properties that do not erode with time – certified to EN 1149-5.

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Pyrolon® CRFR Cool Suit Safety Clothing

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