HygroPalm HP32 The HygroPalm HP32 is a versatile handheld instrument compatible with all HC2A a...
HygroPalm HP32
ULTITEC 1800 (TYPE 5-B & 6-B) The cost-effective liquid-proof coverall, provides protection against light liqu...
ULTITEC 1800 (TYPE 5-B & 6-B)
Fire Retardant Hessian Fabric Coarsely woven jute hessian fabric, with all the attributes of classic hessian, ...
Fire Retardant Hessian Fabric
Ocean HDX The latest spectrometer from Ocean Optics uses a novel optical bench design and ...
Ocean HDX
EAVE PEAK Noise Mapping Software Speak, Hear, See with the MKI and PEAK noise mapping technology.
EAVE PEAK Noise Mapping Software
EAVE Work MKI The EAVE Work MKI. is the markets first ear defender that has integrated hearing...
High Intensity Reflective Tape H6604 H6604 high intensity reflective tape is now available from Heskins for immediate...
High Intensity Reflective Tape H6604
DOT Tape H6602 Heskins Ltd are fully distributing DOT tape, with the intention of supplying Eur...
DOT Tape H6602
TG5060 HYDRIC 5 Always reliable, even when the weather isn’t. A flexible, highly dextrous and ...
GL802CR Series Gloves Maximum duty, ultra impact and cut resistant gloves available in sizes S-XXL
GL802CR Series Gloves
Poly-Torq Polyurethane Gloves in two styles (GL401 or GL402C5) available in sizes S-XXL
CorXcel Micro-Foam (GL601, GL602C3 & GL603C5) or sandy (GL604C5) nitrile gloves availabl...
ARCHONX Crinkle latex gloves (GL501C5 Series) available in sizes S-XXL
GL201 SERIES GLOVES Heavy Duty Impact Gloves available in sizes S-XXL
GL102 Series Gloves Medium duty trade gloves available in sizes S-XXL
GL102 Series Gloves
GL101 Series Gloves Light duty material handling gloves available in sizes S-XXL
GL101 Series Gloves
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