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Mobile lifting equipment

About Hovmand A/S

As the world-leading manufacturer of mobile battery-powered lifting devices we constantly work towards making professional life safer and more efficient. Our high-quality lifting and moving solutions, made of aluminium and stainless steel, facilitate the handling of heavy objects – such as boxes, drums, reels and kettles. Thereby loads of up to 300 kilograms can be handled in the production process by one person alone. Our products and the relevant lifting equipment are designed by us to be so flexible and modular that they can be assembled with little effort, even where highly specialised processes are involved. Your completed lifting solution will be at your disposal within a short period of time. We can put a product straight into volume production that would involve a lengthy development process elsewhere. With our Virtual Engineering app – currently offering more than 100,000 options – we configure exactly the right equipment for you right from the start. You benefit from maximum transparency and fast processes – from quotation right through to delivery.

Just some of our clients

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