Senseware UV/IR Flame Detector

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With over 45 combined years experience in the Electrical, Mechanical and Chemical fields, IM&M Ltd engineers are ideally placed to offer supply and service solutions for portable and fixed gas detection, breathing apparatus, lighting, UTI / pressure / temperature calibration and most other operational, related aspects of safety management.

In addition the company and our staff have vast experience in delivering service solutions including the logistics of pin-point supply, on time and in full to the designated delivery points. Our staff are I.A.T.A trained in the shipment of dangerous goods and as such we are able to transport calibration gases from our premises, to a specified delivery point for calibration of equipment should this be required.

Our skill and strategic advantage, alongside working closely with our customers, is our ability to research and define appropriate products to suit any industrial application and to manage the logistics of supply and subsequent service of all items. Equipment that is already on in use can be initiated into our preventive maintenance schemes, so that the responsibility for the logistics of service belongs to IM&M. IM&M can also provide gas detection training and 24/7 technical support, we offer an unbiased and impartial approach to safety specification, to suit fit for purpose applications with cost efficiency in mind.

We are a leading channel partner of renowned safety brands including MSA and Drager, as well as approved suppliers of many other market leading brands including: Riken Keiki, Honeywell, BW, Fluke, Tractel, Martindale Electric, Ecom, Wolf Safety, Tanktech and Fluke. Whether you need instrument calibration, a one off order or a complete package of safety equipment, you will receive a dedicated and efficient service.

Here at IM&M, we can supply all kinds of your products for your specialist needs including: multi gas detectors, single gas detectors, calibration stations, gas detection area monitoring, fixed gas detection, gas detection training, calibration gas, gas detection tubes, dewpoint, hygrometers, moisture analysers, breathing apparatus, escape sets, ATEX safety lighting, ATEX mobile phones, ATEX tablets, ATEX headsets, flame detectors, flame detector test lamp, drug testing and alcohol testing.

IM&M are proud to announce they have become the sole, UK supplier of SENSE-WARE Flame Detection Equipment, please see our newly launched website for further information:

IM&M Ltd Customer Feedback

‘I initially became acquainted with IM&M Limited via a local service partner some years ago. The sustained level of professional standards demonstrated in terms of both new business and after-sales service including technical advice in conjunction with their absolute transparency in all dealings serves to justify the continuing collaboration’.

‘IM&M have provided gas detection services to our company for a number of years, managing the supply and logistics for our fleet of fifty vessels. IM&M meet our needs, at a competitive price whilst offering the highest level of service. IM&M provides a personal service, as the technical authority for gas detection, I have a strong relationship with IM&M and I can always pick up the phone or send an e-mail and achieve a swift resolution to any problem. I know as well that IM&M’s reliability is highly valued within our procurement and supply chain management department.’

IM&M Director, Mark Westerman

A message from our Director, Mark Westerman

At IM&M, we have over 30 years’ experience in specifying, supplying, servicing and repairing gas detection and safety equipment. We work closely with our customers and have the ability to research and define appropriate products to suit any industrial application, we can also manage the logistics of supply and subsequent service of all items. Through hard work and dedication we can boast some of the world’s largest ship owners, ship managers and oil majors as our loyal customers. IM&M can also provide gas detection training and technical support, we offer an unbiased and impartial approach to safety specification to suit fit for purpose applications, with cost efficiency in mind.

The SENSE-WARE UV/IR Flame Detector is a combination of an Ultraviolet and Infrared Flame detector which utilizes a microprocessor for sophisticated electronic signal analysis. The IR part of the flame detector has an additional alarm criterion, the analysis of the flame flicker- frequency. The UV and the IR sensor must both exceed their alarm threshold to initiate a fire alarm. The UV/IR Flame Detector has good false alarms rejection capabilities because the Ultraviolet sensor and the Infrared sensor do not share false alarm sources. The UV/IR Flame Detector can therefore be applied in areas where single UV or IR flame detectors could potentially cause false and/or unwanted alarms. To prevent unwanted alarms, the dynamic delay time for an alarm is 4-8 seconds depending on the size and or the distance to the flames. The UV/IR Flame Detector is suitable for applications that include Hydrogen but in fact, every flame that emits hot water will be detected. A self-test is performed every hour to make sure the sensor and electronics operate well. A Test Lamp is available for regular inspections and end-to-end testing.

This product is compatible with Senseware Flame Detector, Test Lamps

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Senseware UV/IR Flame Detector

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