HVAC Meter for Ultrasonic Flow Measurement in Pipes

HVAC Meter for Ultrasonic Flow Measurement in Pipes


PCE-TDS 100H/HS is a portable handheld clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter or HVAC meter used for non-invasive, unobstructed and highly accurate measurements of the flow velocity of liquids in metal, plastic and rubber pipes and tubes.

Technical Specification

Measuring range

  • -32 … +32 m/s


  • 0.0001 m / s


  • ±1 % of measured value


  • meters, feet, cubic meters, litres, cubic feet, gallon, oil barrel, liquid barrel, million gallon


  • 0.5 %


  • 0.2 %

Response time

  • 0 … 999 seconds, freely configurable

Pipe diameter

  • PCE-TDS 100HS: DN 15 … 100, 20 … 108 mm
  • PCE-TDS 100H: DN 50 … 700, 57 … 720 mm

Measuring media

  • Virtually all homogeneous liquids, including sanitary, corrosive and abrasive liquids


  • PCE-TDS 100HS: Type S1
  • PCE-TDS 100H: Type M1

Cable length

  • Approx. 5 m each (x 2)


  • 4 x 16 LCD, 7 digits for net flow, positive and negative flow

Power supply

  • 3 x AAA Ni-H rechargeable batteries

Battery life

  • Approx. 10 hours continuous use at full charge

Battery charger

  • 100 .. 240 V / AC


  • RS-232C


  • Stores up to 2,000 values

Housing material

  • ABS plastic


  • Device: 100 x 66 x 20 mm
  • Transducers: Each 60 x 45 x 45 mm

Operating temp.

  • 0 … +70 °C / +32 … +158 °F


  • 514 g / 1.14 lb (with batteries)

PCE also provides pre- and aftersales technical advice, repairs as well as calibration and re-calibration services in co-operation with certified calibration laboratories. This combination of products and services makes the company a competent partner for private customers as well as professionals, for example in the health and safety sector. All PCE devices come factory calibrated and most items are available with several optional accessories, such as an ISO calibration certificate, additional sensors, test stands, etc.


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