Continuous Mercury Monitoring Systems (CMM AutoQAL & CMM)

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Gasmet manufactures robust and accurate portable gas analyzers for a wide variety of applications. Different models come with different technical properties. All analyzers are based on the same FTIR technology, so all users, working in any application, can rely on the same high levels of accuracy and reliability.


Due to their ability to measure up to 50 gases simultaneously with ability to identify unknown compounds from the same measurement results, these portable analyzers are especially highly regarded in health and safety as well as in environmental monitoring functions.


Gasmet is also known for manufacturing reliable, sensitive, and cost-effective continuous emission monitoring solutions that represent the future of gas analysis in variety of industrial settings such as waste incineration, cement production and carbon capture.

Gasmet offers two solutions for Continuous Mercury Monitoring, the CMM and CMM AutoQAL. CMM AutoQAL is a futureproof, certified Continuous Mercury Monitoring system, with an automatic and integrated QAL3 validation tool, that has the best sensitivity on the market. With the lowest certified range in the world and unparalleled response time, these systems are the perfect solution for measuring mercury continuously from hot, wet and corrosive gas streams.

Mercury Monitoring with Automatic QAL3 Validation Tool

The difference between these solutions is that the CMM AutoQal is the only TÜV and MCERTS EN 15267 certified solution with an automatic and truly integrated QAL3 validation tool in the market. A certified test gas generator with the possibility to do both Hg0 and HgCl2 checks means that there is no longer a need for an external gas generator for QAL3 operations. This leads to saved time and money, making the system more cost-efficient with minimal operating costs. Additional manual checks are possible if needed, all done with one button to ensure user-friendliness.

CMM AutoQAL and CMM offer certified measurement with the lowest certified range in the world (0-5 µg/m3). The highest certified measurement range of the system is 1000 µg/m3 and even higher concentration peaks can be measured without any hardware changes. While the emissions limits might change in the future, the CMM AutoQAL is a futureproof solution fulfilling the certified range according to ELVs (emission limit value). According to EN 15267-3, the minimum accepted certified range WI (waste incineration) of a system shall not be more than 1.5 times the daily ELV and LCP (large combustion plants) 2.5 times daily ELV.

To gain more knowledge on emissions monitoring, download our free Emission Monitoring Handbook:

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Key Benefits of AutoQAL

  • Continuous mercury monitoring with automatic QAL3 validation tool
  • Fast and easy integrated QAL3 functionality
  • Software giving immediate results: Pass / Fail
  • No need for additional QAL3 equipment
  • Minimal operation costs

Key Benefits of the system

  • Future-proof with the lowest certified range in the world,0-5 µg/m3 (EN 15267)
  • The highest sensitivity in the market with the detection limit of 0.02 µg/m3
  • Highest certified range up to 1000 µg/m3 and measures even higher concentration peaks
  • Measures total Hg ensuring zero Hg-derivates being undetected
  • Excellent annual availability (99%)
  • Real-time results with excellent response time < 120 s
  • Worldwide technical service & support

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Continuous Mercury Monitoring Systems (CMM AutoQAL & CMM)

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