ReLINE Floor Marking Tape

ReLINE Floor Marking


ReLINE Floor Marking System

ReLINE floor marking is the easiest, fastest, cheapest and most comprehensive floor marking system for industrial applications. The combination of high durability and the wide range of colors and sizes, makes ReLINE the only complete floor marking system! ReLINE is very suitable for the implementation of the 5S System and Lean manufacturing.

ReLINE floor marking is available in multiple sizes, colors and qualities. Ranging from 5cm wide stript up to 86,5 cm wide walking paths. The quality needed is highly dependent on the application and the conditions of the area it will be used in.

We offer qualities which are finished with extreme adhesiveness, specifically designed to use on rough surfaces. But we also provide a quality type that is very suitable for a smoother surface in an area where modest work is being carried out.

There are two main floor marking methods: tape and paint. Advancement in adhesive tape technology and the extensive amount of work that painting requires are two reasons tape has become a more popular choice for most industrial applications.

ReLINE floor marking

  • No fumes
  • No time needed to dry
  • No spills
  • Only cleaning the floor required
  • Minimal required accessories
  • Application does not usually interrupt work
  • Conforms to uneven surfacessuch as concrete, asphalt, brick and tile
  • Can be easily removed
  • Quickly applied for temporary conditions, like a liquid spill


  • Fumes require ventilation, the wearing of PPE and possible facility shutdown
  • Needs time to dry
  • Spills likely
  • Extensive preparation time
  • May require brushes and/or rollers, taping, drop cloths, etc.
  • Application will usually disrupt work for extended period
  • Uneven surfaces may require treatment to make surfaces smooth enough to paint
  • Requires harsh chemicals or abrasive machines for removal
  • Not designed for quick application

We are dedicated to answering the sign and labelling needs of the industry and energy sector. Rebo Systems products give total, in-house, control of the creation, delivery and cost of the ever expanding sign and label requirements of today’s modern world.

Rebo’s long standing experience and market knowledge means we offer our customers the best solution for their needs… backed by excellent service, a friendly smile and a ‘can do’ attitude.


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