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Optical Oxygen Meter

The compact FireStingO2 is a PC-controlled (USB) fiber-optic oxygen meter available with 1, 2 or 4 channels, which can be combined with the complete oxygen sensor portfolio from PyroScience, ranging from microsensors (50 µm tip) to robust probes (3 mm tip), and including also diverse smart contactless oxygen sensor solutions (for measurements in closed systems, microfluidics and complex geometries) . Most sensor types are available as full range versions and as trace range versions. A precision temperature sensor can be connected to the temperature port, allowing automatic temperature compensation of the oxygen measurements in samples with varying temperatures. Several FireStingO2 can be easily operated with a single PC in parallel, offering scalable fiber-optic oxygen meter systems with e.g. 8, 16, 32, or 64 channels, with the included user-friendly logger software.

Innovative REDFLASH Technology. The REDFLASH technology from PyroScience is based on unique oxygen-sensitive REDFLASH indicators. In contrast to common techniques using blue-light excitation, the REDFLASH indicators are excitable with orange-red light and show an oxygen-dependent luminescence in the near infrared (NIR). The REDFLASH technology impresses by (ultra)fast response times,  high precision, high reliability, low power consumption, low cross-sensitivity, and. reduced interferences.

Integrated Pressure and Humidity Sensors for Easy Calibration. The FireStingO2 device comes with integrated sensors for atmospheric pressure (mbar) and relative humidity (%RH) of the ambient air for a precision calibration procedure in water or ambient air with the user-friendly Oxygen Logger software.  Automatic Pressure Compensation. The integrated pressure sensor can be used for automatic pressure compensation during long-term oxygen measurements performed e.g. in units of %O2 or %air sat. These oxygen units show a strong dependence on atmospheric pressure changes (weather changes, altitude), which is simply neglected by most commercially available oxygen meters. The FireStingO2 offers automatic pressure compensation integrated seamlessly into the included Oxygen Logger software.

Analog Output. The FireStingO2 has 4 integrated analog outputs (0..2.5V), which can be configured and scaled  with the included Oxygen Logger software. Optionally, each analog output can be also configured as an alarm output (e.g. for control tasks like observing a defined oxygen level in fish tanks).

Auto-Mode. The FireStingO2 can be operated optionally without any PC connected to it in the so-called Auto-Mode. Simply activate the Auto Mode by connecting and powering the FireStingO2 with a standard micro-USB charger (as used for mobile phones) The measured values are read out via the analog output (or via the serial interface of the extension port).

Temperature Extension Module TeX4. The single temperature channel of the FireStingO2 can be easily expanded to 4 channels offering independent temperature compensation of all 4 oxygen channels.

  • Compact fiber-optic oxygen meter
  • 1, 2, or 4 oxygen channels
  • 1 temperature channel (optionally 4)
  • Works with robust probes, flow-through-cells, microsensors, minisensor, respiration vials, spots, nanoprobes, solvent-resistant probes…
  • Works with full range and trace sensors
  • Works in gas (%O2) and in liquids (DO)
  • Versatile logging software
  • Analog outputs and auto-mode

PyroScience is a manufacturer of high-precision optical sensors based on unique optical detection techniques (REDFLASH technology).

The product line includes various fibre-based and smart contactless sensor heads for compact PC-operated and stand-alone read-out devices for measurements in gas, water, aqueous and semi-solid samples. Sensor systems are also available for challenging measurements in organic solvents, microfluidics and high-throughput screening and for various OEM applications, such as oxygen gas monitoring, underwater/deep sea applications, and many others.

We offer unprecedented multi-parameter solutions for applications in e.g. life sciences, experimental biology, aquatic sciences, biotechnology, bioprocessing, microbiology, water- and wastewater-treatment, aquaculture, marine research, or environmental monitoring.

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