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For more than 60 years, GfG has been committed to protecting people, industrial facilities and the environment by developing and manufacturing gas detection systems. With an extensive range of portable gas detectors and fixed gas detection systems, GfG can supply you with a selection of products for many applications and industries. Our scope also includes on-site service and advanced training courses.


What distinguishes us from other manufacturers

We are specialists for gas detection solutions, not generalists in safety. No one can be the best at everything, but if you focus on one thing, you can achieve excellence. We work hard to provide you with the best gas detection equipment available, so you can focus on your task without having to worry about the risks that gases can pose. Because of that we invest more heavily in research and development than any other company. Approximately 13% of our annual turnover is reinvested in basic research and the development of new sensors and devices.


A “never say no” approach

This includes finding solutions for customers whose requirements are not met by “off the shelf” products. We take pride in our longstanding cooperation with the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), for example. For many years now, they have put their trust in GfG’s portable devices, which we optimized to adapt to the Singaporean climate and fulfill the special requirements for integration into the SCDF communication network.

The DS220 docking station enables fully automatic and simultaneous testing of six Micro IVs, which means significant time savings and faster operational readiness of the gas detectors. The bump test starts automatically after the slots are loaded and includes tests of response time, alarm thresholds, visual and audible alarms, and more. The test process and the test result are indicated with LEDs in green, yellow or red for each Micro IV. Only gas detection devices that are checked every working day contribute reliably to safety.

In addition to the daily function test required by DGUV information 213-056 (T021) and 213-057 (T023), the DS220 can also be used to adjust the sensor on the Micro IV. The docking station indicates whether a gas detector needs to be adjusted and automatically sets the adjustment interval. The gas for the adjustment of the sensors is sucked in via the integrated pump (0.5 l/m) of the docking station. This allows up to six Micro IVs to be adjusted in parallel with the same gas and gas concentration.

Operation and documentation
Operation is carried out via two keys on the top of the docking station. The green key turns the DS220 on and off, the red key switches between test and calibration mode. The docking station stores the data on an SD memory card. The information from the function tests and adjustments can be transferred to the PC either via a card reader or direct connection. The docking station can also be parameterized via configuration software.

Equipment and accessories
Power is supplied via an external 12 V power supply unit. Connection to a computer for reading out and saving the device-related data stored in the docking station is via RS-485 (using a USB adapter). With optional patch cables, several docking stations can also be connected via this interface. Two gas inputs for zero and test gas as well as six gas outputs are located on the rear panel. Various gas sampling fittings and pressure switches are offered for the test gas task.

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