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For more than 50 years the employees of Bühler Technologies have been have been developing, manufacturing and distributing components and system solutions in the “Gas Analysis“ and “Fluidcontrol“ divisions.

We offer flexible, system-compatible sensors and devices with state-of-the-art output signals for liquid level, temperature and pressure monitoring as well as for filter and moisture monitoring in hydraulic-systems. With the oil-water and oil-air coolers, filtering units and customer-specific subsystems, we meet today’s requirements in terms of a cost-effective and reliable operation of oil installations, even in hazardous areas. The Bühler Fluidcontrol product line extends the service life of oil and components, provides connectivity for automated operation, facilitates condition monitoring and helps reduce operating and maintenance costs.

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  • Compact design
  • Easy to read LED display with status of the switching outputs
  • Virtually any cable length between measuring point and display
  • Measurement units such as cm, inch, °C, °F, bar or psi can be programmed
  • Up to six programmable switching outputs
  • Alternatively, an analogue output (configurable to current or voltage) plus one freely programmable switching output
  • One switching output configurable as a frequency output (1 – 100 Hz)
  • Characteristics of switching outputs configurable as window or hysteresis
  • Standard menu structure based on VDMA standard specification 24574 ff
  • Min/max value memory. Logbook function

Multifunctional device for displaying and controlling various measurement parameters such as level, temperature and pressure.

Main controllers do not process all parameters recorded for monitoring hydraulic systems and oil supply systems. There are a number of systems which are monitored and controlled as autonomous units.

The necessary monitoring tools are often installed throughout the entire system and quite difficult for operating and service personnel to read.

The easyMont mounting system is a cost-effective and easy option for installing Multitronik display and control units on conventional rails in visible locations. The universal menu structure ensures devices can very quickly be configured to all parameters common in hydraulics and lubrication, such as pressure, temperature, humidity, etc., and to link these with other system components.

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Display and control unit Multitronik

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