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We are instrument designers, manufacturers and stack emission and environmental sampling experts realizing instruments and, especially, supply solutions and support to customers.

Realize the same basic solutions, already available from many manufacturers, was simply not enough for us, our target was to be recognized by the customers to be “one step ahead”.

It is our capability to create innovation that distinguish Dado lab from the other manufacturers and allowed such great feedback from customers and quickly expanding in Italy but also abroad with an extended distributors network in Europe and in the rest of the world.

The SC6 is the upgraded version of the SC5 smart chiller, twice efficient and powerful than before. Efficient, ergonomic, versatile, easy to trasport and to operate: those were the targets we wanted to achieve during the development.

This chiller has a double function, it can be used as cooling bath for the impingers train and/or as chiller with recirculation capabilities for the the micropolluntants condensation device (PCDD/PCDF, Heavy Metals etc).

Thanks to wide internal bath, it’s possible to place a complete impingers train inside the wide tank and use it for long term sampling operations, without the need of fresh ice.

The liquid recirculation feature is used to keep uniform the bath temperature, avoiding, at the same time, the water to freeze, even when the cooling temperature is very low.

The recirculation pump has an ON/OFF button to avoid its operation when not needed.

The SC6 can be used as water chiller when ice or available or its use isn’t practical.

Thanks to its powerful refrigeration group, it is now possible to achieve high refrigeration performances just using water.

During the operation, the liquid level is always visible and the recirculation pump is protected against solids.

Filling and emptying operations of the bath are simple and easy, no particular tools or funnels are required. Just disconnect one tube and use the pump to empty the tank.

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