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AQUARIA Srl  began its activity in December 1989, initially as a distributor of products for the control of air and water quality.

Thanks to the organization of its internal production, AQUARIA srl is able to offer a high level of customization in the configuration of the products, providing “tailor-made” solutions to satisfy the specific needs of each customer with flexibility and speed.

The testing, calibration and technical assistance on the offered instrumentation are carried out by highly qualified and experienced personnel able to support the customer, with efficiency and accuracy, in the post-sales phase.

AQUARIA srl also offers its customers a presence on the national territory with specialized and authorized assistance centers, always available for constant and timely support, with telephone interventions, on site and at its operating offices.

Adsorbent Tube

NIOSH, OSHA and EPA standards required the use of sorbent tubes for the “active” sampling of several toxic chemical substances present in air.

From the quantity of the collected substances, it is possible, knowing the sampled air volume, to go back to the environmental concentration presence.

The tubes have been developed in compliance with the user safety.
Intact it is no longer necessary to break the tube before using: simply you alive to remove the two sealing caps.

With the help of a practical supplied it is possible to rotate easily the porous septum nad, if necessary, hook them for removing. The adsorbent substrate can be removed without breaking the tube, thus avoiding possible accidental cuts of the user’s hand and e shedding of glass in the laboratory.

Sampling Tubes

Some possible applications are:

  • Working Places
  • Emissions
  • Air Quality

Available range:

  • Carbon Tube
    • for BTEX/SOV sampling
  • Carbon Tube for H2S
    • for hydrogen sulphide sampling
  • Carbon Tube TBC activated:
    • for methyl methacrylate sampling
  • DNPH Tube:
    • for aldehydes sampling
  • Hopcalite Tube
    • for mercury sampling
  • Silica Tube
    • for inorganic acid, amine, amides sampling
  • Silica Tube + H2SO4:
    • for ammonia sampling
  • Silica Tube + TEA:
    • for nitrogen dioxide (NO2) sampling
  • Silica Tube + TEA + Oxidant: for nitrogen oxides (NOx) sampling
  • Tenax Tube: for sampling of odours and medium-high boiling compound
  • XAD2 Tube: for sampling of high stable oganic substance and with high molecular weight (pesticides, weed killer, PCB, dioxines, etc.)
  • XAD7 Tube: for sampling of diol, cresol and phenol

Other Features:

  • Dimensions:
    • Standard: substratum quantity: 75 – 150 mg
    • internal diameter: 5,6 mm
    • external diameter: 8,2 mm
  • Large:
    • substratum quantity: 200 – 400 mg
    • internal diameter: 6,4 mm
    • external diameter: 8,7 mm
  • Jumbo:
    • substratum quantity: 200 – 800 mg
    • internal diameter: 6,4 mm
    • external diameter: 8,7 mm
  • Microporous septum: in pure polyethylene (to avoid adsorption cases during the sampling), with high porosity to reduce the pressure drop
  • Tubes are sealed with stoppers easy to open and to close.
  • Packaging: 5, 10, 20 and 40 pieces. Inside the box the tubes are in packs of 5 pieces under vacuum.

Quality Certificate

Each batch of tubes (except Tenax, hopcalite, XAD2 and XAD7) comes with a Quality Certificate. The quality control is carried out by the Salerno University – Dep. of Chemistry

Storage Mode

  • Silica Tube:
    • as silica gel is particularli affected by moisture, it is recommended to keep the box in a dry place and away from place where acids are used or stored
  • DNPH Tube:
    • keep the tube in the dark, at 4°C and away from chemicals and solvent
  • Activated Tube:
    • keep the tube at 4°C and away from chemicals and solvent


Porous septum extractor

Storage Mode

  • Sodium sulphate anhydrous:
    • crystal from 10-60 mesh type Jumbo for moisture retention Na2SO4 content: 1 g
  • Potassium iodide type Large:
    • for the reduction of ozone interference on aldehydes sampling Potassium iodide content: 300 g

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