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ULTITEC 1800 (TYPE 5-B & ...

Dust & Liquid Splash Resistant Cove...

ULTITEC 5000 High-level Chemic...

High-level Chemical & Liquid Jet Re...

ULTITEC Level 2 Gown

ULTITEC Level 2 gown successfully m...

ULTITEC Rainwear Plus Pants

More Durable, More Affordable!

ULTITEC Rainwear Plus Jacket

More Durable, More Affordable!

ULTITEC Rainwear-Lite Suit

Lighter, Easier Carry!

ULTITEC Rainwear Lite Poncho

Lighter, Easier Carry!

ULTITEC 4000 (TYPE 3-B, 4-B &#...

Chemical & Liquid Jet Resistant Cov...

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Forerunner & Expert of Protection

Derekduck offers body protection solutions applicable to both medical and industrial fields.

About Derekduck – Forerunner & Expert of Protection

Derekduck, established in 1992, has been devoting itself to the innovation, R&D and creation of nonwoven materials used in the manufacture of body protection.  We are currently marketing products and services to 40 countries and regions. The product portfolio includes disposable chemical protective clothing and also infection control gowns.

Not only providing finished products, we can also supply fabric roll goods and offer customized OEM service.

Accumulated over decades of experiences, Derekduck supports our clients/partners a full technical consultancy service.  We aim to assist clients to reach their target and also keen on offering required technical and marketing support.

With the evolving of the safety industry, our company has obtained a number of European CE certifications and registered in US FDA derived from our experience and technical expertise.

Because of this, DEREKDUCK hopes that ULTITEC will not only become the leading choice for the protective clothing market in Europe and America, but will become a major brand in Asia as well.

ULTITEC products manufactured by DEREKDUCK operate under ISO9001: 2008 certification and article 11B certified and is a registered supplier for US FDA.

Product Range

  • Fabric Supply
  • Protective Clothing
  • Medical Non-woven Products
  • Rainwear

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