Petite Fleur – Compact process thermostat

The Petite Fleur models are the smallest dynamic tempe-rature control systems in the Unistat range. As with all Uni-stats, the Petite Fleur models have unique thermodynamic properties for the highest temperature control speed and precision.

All models are space saving, simple to operate and can be used for a wide number of applications. 480 W of cooling capacity is available at the full pump speed (according to DIN 12876) and a further 50 W is available if the pump speed is reduced. The circulation pump with its high capacity ensures optimal delivery and delicate glass re-actors are protected from damage with the soft start-up which detects and balances out changes in the viscosity within the fluid circuit. Additional equipment includes the Pilot ONE controller „Professional“ with a TFT colour display which can be removed and used as a remote control. It features a programmer, calendar/clock function, user me-nus, graphic representation, ramp function, calibration and many additional functions. Almost all models use en-vironmentally friendly natural refrigerants as standard.


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