Help for your office, workshops and retail shop: Impact 70

The battery-powered Impact 70 lifter is incredibly versatile. With its wide range of applications, it makes work processes more efficient, ergonomic and safe across many industries. It effortlessly moves, lifts and transports goods weighing up to 70 kg. Its “Commander” push-button control unit is easy to understand and can be operated from any position.

Cartons can be pushed directly from the pallet onto a platform which is assembled on the hoist lift and raised so that working in an upright position is possible. If the goods are packed in crates, then you can pick them up with a fork which is secured on the hoist lift and move them to the desired height. It is also possible to transport crates and cartons directly from a pallet to the destination without intermediate storage using a hoist lift. The pallet can be conveniently driven under with this unit so that the loads can be lifted with the appropriate lifting equipment.

For increased safety, the Impact 70 is additionally equipped with overload protection and safety clutch, and you can combine it with four different leg types, three mast heights and more than 15 different tools.


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