Ergonomic ways to handle and lift crates and boxes

When goods need to be packed, moved to the side, stored and distributed, then most companies use crates such as Euro containers, KLT or other stacking boxes. These are now an important and integrated part of many logistics systems. However, even in offices, libraries or retailers, heavy cartons, boxes and crates are moved every day – from metal boxes and Euroboxes to meat crates and up to, and including, wine crates made of wood in various dimensions, with or without lids and optionally also for stacking.

Because jerky movements and unfavourable torsion of the upper body can occur numerously during load transport and crate handling, the spine is always exposed to massive loads. When lifting and carrying industrial crates or transport boxes with a large weight, the back must be additionally bent.

The result: An unfavourable asymmetric pressure distribution across the spinal discs. As a result, the compressive forces are significantly higher at points due to the long leverage by the arms. This also applies when only small loads are moved.

Hovmand provides devices which are suitable for health-friendly handling of all types of crates in the form of mobile lifting aids. Taking your requirements into account, we can construct your individual roller lifter from our modular system for lifting solutions. We will select the suitable solution for you from a range of options for lifting column loads, chassis and hoists for mounting on rollers. We can configure your product within a few seconds with our Virtual Engineering app. So you can see your solution right away in 3D.


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