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About Safety Showers

Engineering contact with chemicals out of the work flow is the best way of protecting your workforce from danger. When this is not possible personal protective equipment is the first line of defence against working with and near dangerous chemicals / substances. But when the worst happens and that PPE is breached you need safety showers and eyewashes to flush way the offending substance. Safety showers and emergency eyewashes come in many guises and styles. Made from different materials for different applications and locations and different sizes to cover varying eventualities and worker numbers it would be wise to take professional advice from the manufacturers or a consultant with experience in this area. Questions they will be able to answer for you are "Should the emergency shower and/or emergency eyewash be plumbed in? Should it provide warm or tepid water? Should it be made from stainless steel or other materials? Where should the emergency showers be situated? How many do I need for the size of my workforce? What other products do I need to increase the effectiveness of the showers and eye baths?"

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