Safety Flooring

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Safety Flooring

Employers seeking to procure new safety flooring must have the right information. This will enable them to source products which are suitable for preventing slips and trips and fatigue. The product description must give a good indication of how the flooring will perform in its intended use. How it should be cleaned and maintained must also be covered. Improving the traction of a slippery floor is one way to reduce slip and fall incidents. Sometimes this can be as simple as changing floor cleaning products.

Safety flooring - the facts and figures

More often, though, it takes a little more effort. HSE statistics regularly show that around 1 in 3 “non-fatal major injuries” (such as broken bones), and over 1 in 5 “over-3-day injuries” (such as strains and sprains) in workplaces throughout Great Britain involve slips and trips. This equates to one serious slip accident every three minutes, a total of over 35,000 per year. To avoid this in your workplace talk to our suppliers listed below about slip protection, safety matting, anti slip mats and other products and practices.

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