Emergency Eyewash and Safety Shower Stations

There are several types of emergency eyewash station and safety shower station systems, including safety showers, eyewash stations, drench hoses, combination units, and eyewash bottles.

Safety Shower

A safety shower is a unit designed to wash an individual’s head and body which has come into contact with hazardous chemicals. Large volumes of water are used and a user may need to take off any clothing that has been contaminated with hazardous chemicals. Safety showers cannot be used for flushing our eyes, due to the high pressure of water from the shower, which can damage a user’s eyes.

Eyewash Station

An eyewash station is a unit for washing chemicals or substances that might splash into an individual’s eyes before he or she can seek further medical attention. The user needs to wash their eyes for at least 5 minutes.

Drench Hose

A drench hose is an equipment that can spray water to a specific spot of the chemical exposure on individual’s body. The benefit of a drench hose is that it can be applied to an individual who cannot reach a normal eyewash or shower station or in the case where the eyewash and shower station are unavailable.

Combination Unit

A combination unit is where other units such as a shower station, eyewash station, and drench hose share the same water supply plumbing. This unit is useful in laboratory where hazardous chemicals with different properties are used.

Eyewash Bottle

Also known as a personal eyewash unit, it is a supplementary for eyewash stations. However, eyewash stations cannot be replaced by eyewash bottles since they do not meet safety standards. Eyewash bottles allow an individual to flush the injured area immediately, or until the individual can reach the fixed eyewash station. Early eyewashes were designed with a single rinsing stream, but recent advancements have made eyewashes capable of flushing both eyes simultaneously. A pH neutral solution for emergency eyewash may also be chosen to reduce the danger from contaminants if strong acids or alkali chemicals are presented.


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