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Chemical Protection

Chemical Protection Suppliers, Manufactures and Companies

Duram Mask
A leading manufacturer of quality personal escape masks
Scilabub Limited
Protective Hand Wear
Derekduck Industries Corp.
Forerunner & Expert of Protection
Technology for Life
Devold of Norway AS
Protecting people against the elements
Lion Safety
To be the easiest and most knowledgeable company to buy workwear & PPE from in E...
Lakeland Industries Inc
Your Source For Protective Clothing
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DOD Technologies, Inc
Global Gas Detection Solutions
D-S Safety
We have what the job requires
Black Mamba Gloves
Leading Disposable Nitrile Gloves on the Market
Ansell Microgard Limited
leading manufacturer of chemical protective clothing

About Chemical Protection

All liquids, solids, gases, vapours, aerosols, fumes, dusts and fibres are chemical agents. They are called chemical agents to distinguish them from biological agents (such as micro-organisms) and physical agents (such as noise, vibration and friction). All of these chemical agents can affect the human body in one way or another. Our hands are damaged after prolonged exposure to water, let alone acids and alkalis, etc, and so protection is needed in the form of chemical protective suits, disposable suits, chemical protective gloves, respiratory equipment (either stand alone or part of a chemical protective suit) and other chemical protection clothing. This chemical protective equipment must fit properly, must be worn correctly and be well maintained.

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