Waterproof Mamba Trax Shoe Cover

Waterproof Mamba Trax Shoe Cover

WPMTX Series

Designed for the service industry. Triple layer SMS coated polyethylene material shoe cover, anti-slip, anti-static, waterproof. More resistant to abrasion, punctures and tears. Ideal for construction, HVAC, plumbing, pest control and other service industries.

In response to calls from customers, for tougher more resilient gloves that withstand the rigours their jobs require, the Black Mamba Glove has been designed to be the toughest disposable glove available in today’s market. At 6.0 mils thick, it is formulated from a unique blend of nitrile. It is thicker and stronger than any other black nitrile glove and is fully textured with 3 times the puncture resistance of latex or vinyl.

Black Mamba Gloves full range consists of both disposable and non-disposable work gloves designed to meet the requirements of the automotive and industrial sectors.

Black Mamba Gloves are available worldwide via a network of distribution partners


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