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Arboles UK have been supplying emergency showers to the UK and international markets since our inception 20+ years ago. We have built an impressive portfolio of products that offer a solution for every single situation be it the nuclear sector, lifeboat stations, cement factories, food preparation centres and everything in between. All our products are robust, fit for purpose and are proven in real world environments. Coming with ANSI, DVGW, DIN, APPLUS and EN certifications, a full 5 year warranty and a catalogue of ready available spare parts we can offer full support regardless of whether you’re doing a new install or sourcing spare parts. We aim at not being just a supplier as we can offer a full range of services, advice and are able to guide you in the right direction to ensure you get the correct product.

We specialise in emergency eyewashes, emergency showers, tank fed shower and trace heated showers.

Product Code 1110 AW The 1110 aw (all weather) is a trace heated wall mounted emergency safety shower. The trace heating kit has an element that fits to the inlet and the valve that is controlled by a self regulated thermostat. This is then covered by a robust and hard wearing foam insulated jacket which is in high visibility yellow. This is sealed with an adhesive and then a velcro seal which keeps everything nicely in place regardless of the weather. The 1110 aw comes with a stainless steel shower head which is impervious to below freezing temperatures and constant exposure to uv light. The body of the emergency shower is made from steel and powder coated in the very durable rilsan. This combination makes the shower suited to being placed in the outdoors whatever the weather. The emergency shower is operated via a pull rod and will remain in the ‘on’ position until it is moved back into the ‘off’ position. The inlet for the shower is the usual 1″ and the operating pressure remains the same at a recommended 2bar with a minimum of 1.5bar and a maximum of 8bar. The thermostat is supplied ready terminated and is set to come on automatically at 0°c and switch of at 3°c. This self regulation and temperature control provides safety with maximum energy efficiency. The shower is ansi, en15154-2 and dvgw certified. The trace heating kit is 230v and ip65 rated.

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