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PCE Instruments offers more than 500 test instruments with applications in industrial engineering and process control, manufacturing quality assurance, scientific research, trade industries and beyond. PCE’s large test instrument portfolio includes handheld, desktop, portable or fixed-installation sensors, meters, gauges, scales, analyzers, detectors, data loggers and inspection cameras branded by PCE and other first-class manufacturers from around the globe. In addition, PCE can provide custom test instruments on demand. The DIN EN ISO 9001-certified PCE Product and Development Company GmbH produces test instruments tailored to meet unique customer needs. PCE serves customers from government, industry and academia in diverse fields such as acoustical engineering, aerospace, agriculture, archaeology, architecture, automotive, aviation, bioengineering, building inspection, chemistry, civil engineering, computer science, construction, data acquisition, education, electrical engineering, energy, environmental science, food processing, forensics, forestry, geology, government, horticulture, HVAC, hydrology, industrial hygiene, law enforcement, library science, logistics, machining, maintenance, manufacturing, materials science, mechanical engineering, metal working, meteorology, military, mining, nondestructive testing (NDT), occupational health and safety, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, property management, pulp and paper, physics, robotics, structural engineering, supply chain, transportation, tribology, veterinary science, water treatment, welding, woodworking and more.


PCE Instruments also provides pre- and aftersales technical advice, repairs as well as calibration and re-calibration services in co-operation with certified calibration laboratories. This combination of products and services makes the company a competent partner for private customers as well as professionals, for example in the health and safety sector. All PCE devices come factory calibrated and most items are available with several optional accessories, such as an ISO calibration certificate, additional sensors, test stands, etc.

The thermometer is specially designed for long-term monitoring of climatic conditions in, for example, offices, classrooms or lecture halls.

The air quality meter has various sensors. Among other things, the air quality meter has a carbon dioxide sensor up to 40,000 ppm, a temperature sensor with a measuring range between 0 … 50 °C, an ambient humidity sensor with a measuring range between 0 … 100% RH and a barometer with a measuring range between 300 … 2000 hPa.

The air quality meter can therefore be used in many applications due to its large number of sensors. The measured values ​​are shown directly on the e-paper display of the air quality measuring device. A good / medium / bad rating of the carbon dioxide content in the ambient air is also displayed.

During the measurement, the thermometer can automatically record the measured values. The measured values ​​are saved as .csv on the micro SD card. This means that the measurement data recorded by the air quality meter can be imported directly into the company’s own database. The measurement data from the air quality measuring device can be displayed in graphical and tabular form via the software.

The thermometer has an alarm function. This alarm mode can be used to set limit values ​​for the individual sensors. As soon as the set threshold value is reached in the air quality meter, this is indicated acoustically and visually via the alarm LED. After the air quality meter falls below the threshold value again, the alarm switches off again automatically.The measured values ​​are displayed numerically on the 2.7″ display of the thermometer. For a better analysis of the last measured values, the display can be switched to a histogram display. The energy-saving e-paper display enables a long battery life for the air quality meter. Depending on the setting the battery can operate the air quality meter for about 10 months before it has to be recharged. In addition to the possible power supply via the built-in battery, the air quality measuring device can also be operated continuously via the micro USB charging cable.- Battery life of up to 10 months

– Measuring range up to 40,000 ppm CO2
– 32 GB data storage
– Temperature and humidity sensor
– .csv file format
– E-paper display with histogram display
– Display of atmospheric pressure
– Good / medium / bad rating
– Alarm limits
– Carbon dioxide and absolute pressure sensor

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Thermometer – PCE-AQD 50A – PCE Instruments

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