SprintIR®-W Fast Response CO2 Sensor

The SprintIR®-W fast response CO2 sensor is a high speed sensor, ideally suited for applications which require capture of rapidly changing CO₂ concentrations. Facilitating a measurement rate of 20 readings per second, SprintIR®-W fast response CO2 sensor is the fastest NDIR CO₂ sensor available in the world. It is available with options to support either flow-through or diffusion structures.

The performance ability of the SprintIR®-W CO₂ Sensor is enabled by SmartIR technology, which uses solid state sensing elements to combine low power with high speed and ruggedness in these NDIR sensors. This makes them ideal for use in industrial, medical, aerospace, and other harsh environments such as diving – including handheld and battery powered systems.

We can supply an optional USB to TTL cable which gives users a fast, simple method to attach their SprintIR®-W fast response CO2 sensor to the PC and directly view measurements.


  • High speed sensing – 20 Hz
  • Low power/energy consumption – 35mW
  • Measures up to 100% CO2 concentration
  • Solid-state – no moving parts, no heated filaments
  • Vibration and shock resistant
  • Non-heating
  • Digital (UART) output
  • RoHS compliant


  • Rapid measurements – 20 measurements/second
  • Fast response (see graph in datasheet)
  • Ideal for low power and battery applications
  • Suitable for wireless, portable, wearable and self-powered systems
  • Integrates with wireless IoT networks such as ZigBee, Wifi, LoRa, Bluetooth, SigFox and EnOcean

The SST Sensing Philosophy

Our primary goal is to deliver the required sensing and control solutions to our customers which exactly meet their technical and commercial sensor requirements. This can be achieved through our standard range of sensors or providing customer specific sensor solutions. We have been designing and manufacturing fluid and gas sensing solutions for over 15 years. Where a specific solution is required, SST Sensing Ltd will identify the suitable technology and use this as a building block to provide a bespoke customer solution.

Technical Support

Our technical department is comprised of highly experienced and qualified engineers who work extensively with our customers to ensure their requirements are met. Our engineers work with customers to provide full application and technical support if required.

SST now has over 60 employees and our success is growing day by day. The core of this success is due to our strong commitment to our customers. Therefore, we want to ensure that our customers feel valued at all times.

Quality Products

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified organisation, SST manufacture, design, customise and configure a range of sensors and switches for gases and liquids.

Within our vast range of standard product offerings you will find; miniature, solid state optical liquid level switches; rugged, robust and reliable Zirconium Dioxide oxygen sensors; factory calibrated optical oxygen sensors that measure ambient oxygen levels and finally carbon dioxide sensors which are powered using energy harvesting technology.


At SST we understand that customer needs vary and can be very specific. SST’s application engineers work directly with our customers’ engineers to provide application and technical support. SST have the in-house ability to take any of our standard range of sensors and customise it to your exact specification if the standard spec is unsuitable.

Whether that be adding or modifying electronics and software, changing outputs, adapting housing or thread styles, adding cabling, connectors or environmental protection.

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