Spectrex SharpEye™ 20/20MI IR3

Triple infrared sensor

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“Technology for Life” is the guiding philosophy. Whether in the operating room, in intensive care or emergency response services, Dräger / Draeger products protect, support and save lives.

Dräger offers its customers anaesthesia workstations, medical ventilation, patient monitoring as well as neonatal care for premature babies and newborns. With ceiling supply units, IT solutions for the OR, and gas management systems the company is at the customer’s side throughout the entire hospital.

Emergency response services, law and regulatory enforcement and the industry trust in Dräger’s integrated hazard management, in particular for personal protection and plant safety. This includes: respiratory protection equipment, stationary and portable gas detection systems, professional diving equipment and systems, as well as alcohol and drug impairment detection. In collaboration with its customers Dräger develops customized solutions, such as entire fire training systems, training concepts and workshops.

Dräger has about 13,500 employees worldwide and is currently present in more than 190 countries. The company has sales and service subsidiaries in over 50 countries. Its development and production facilities are based in Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, South Africa, the USA, Brazil, the Czech Republic and China.

The Spectrex SharpEye™ 20/20MI is a triple IR (IR3) flame detector in a rugged stainless steel housing. Due to its compact size it is very useful in applications in small and tight areas, eg. windmills or turbine enclosures.


Always keeping an eye on things

  • With its extensive optical range and high immunity to false alarms, the SharpEye™ 20/20MI IR3 compact mini flame detector provides reliable area monitoring. It is designed specifically for use in outdoor and indoor applications.

Reliable protection against fire – and against false alarms

  • The high immunity to false alarms of the flame detector protects against false alarms and their negative consequences. At the same time, the installed IR sensors are characterised by a fast response time—allowing the SharpEye™ 20/20MI IR3 to trigger an alarm quickly in case of fire.

Full performance, yet small and compact

  • Despite the lightweight, energy-conserving design, this compact version does everything you expect from a powerful IR3 flame detector: A detection distance of up to 40 metres (133 ft) and a wide field of view of 100° horizontally and 100° vertically.

Available in two output versions

  • The two models 20/20MI-1 and 20/20MI-3 offers two output options with a 4–20 mA current interface (stepped) and additional alarm and fault relays. Furthermore the type 20/20MI-3 is similar to the 20/20MI-1, but has lower sensitivity and is designed specifically for small areas that require fast and reliable detection. The integrated test circuit (BIT – Built-In-Test) supports both automatic and manual test runs.

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Spectrex SharpEye™ 20/20MI IR3

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