Specialised Cold Weather Hood System

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Why we’re here

We’re here to protect the judgement and creativity that shape our world. We give workers the confidence to think clearly and deliver their best. We’ve been doing it for over a hundred years

Our vision

To be the global experts in total head safety at work

What we believe

That the users we serve shape the world we live in and the way we live in it. That judgement and creativity are only possible with a clear head. That protecting the head means protecting every bit of it. That truly integrated head protection demands unrivalled understanding of our users. That our independence is a valuable asset – enabling us to strive for what’s right, not what’s easy

What we do

We design and make the world’s most advanced and intuitive head protection systems

A cold weather system utilising Nomex® Comfort fabrics, offering flame resistance, static electricity protection and protection against electric arc hazards.

  • Fleece Helmet Liner: Fits between cradle and helmet shell for full integration.
  • Specialised Frost Cape with zip top fastening to be fitted to Specialised Fleece Helmet Liner

Approved To

Outer Woven Layer: ISO 11612 (flame resistant) A1 (flammability) B1
(convective heat). EN 1149-3 (protective clothing with electrostatic properties) IEC 61482-1-1:2009 ATPV 7.6cal/cm2*. IEC 61482-1-2:2007 Class 1 = 4ka*
(arc protection)
Inner Knitted Layer: ISO 11612 (flame resistant) A1 (flammability) B1(convective heat).
Combination fabric (dual layer) to ISO 11612 (flame resistant) A1 (flammability) EN 1149-3 (protective clothing with electrostatic properties) EN 61482-1-2:2007 Class 2 = 7ka

Key Features

Material: Outer woven and inner knitted fabric: 30% Nomex and Kevlar, 33% Viscose, 31% Modacrylique, 6% anti-static P-140 carbon anti-static fibre.
All materials used are flame resistant: VELCRO® Brand fastener is Black FR, Zip is Black FR (non-conductive) and Navy sewing thread made from Nomex® is used.
Frost Cape includes a FR membrane between the two layers of fabric to provide waterproof protection. The Frost Cape also has a Fluorocarbon finish to repel dirt and liquids such as chemicals, petrol and oil.

Product Codes: S50UFLSP – Specialised Nomex® Fleece Helmet Liner
S50NBFCSP – Specialised Nomex® Frost Cape

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Specialised Cold Weather Hood System

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