Biodegradable single use glove, 100% nitrile, powder-free, 240mm long and 0.10mm thick.



  • Proven protection against Fentanyl risks and abrasive liquids
  • Durable comfort and dexterity with no latex allergy-risks
  • Extremely lightweight without compromising performance
  • Engineered with EBT, making the glove biodegradable in biologically active landfills and within 1-5 years
  • Low-modulus formulation to improve fit and reduce fatigue
  • Easy to put on and remove
  • Second skin feel



  • Latex free, 100% Nitrile
  • Non-sterile
  • Finger textured finish
  • Ambidextrous
  • Length : 240mm
  • Thickness : 0.10mm
  • Silicone free



  • Automotive repairs & maintenance
  • Light assembly of oil-coated pieces
  • Coating preparation
  • Plumbing
  • Sanding
  • Food packing & handling
  • Washing & cleaning
  • Pharmaceuticals & API

Every day at SHOWA we continue to innovate to provide each wearer with a product that meets expectations. This autonomy, impervious to competitor methods and concepts, is based on constantly surpassing what has been done before, ensuring that everyone enjoys comfort and optimum safety.

SHOWA and their founding philosophy and vision

Mr. Tanaka founded SHOWA in 1954. He embedded key elements in his founding philosophy and vision:

“Corporate strength is gained with our respect for harmony and by taking responsibility for our actions. Also by focusing on being the best person we can possibly be within our individual capabilities.

“Each member of the SHOWA family must have integrity and the empowerment to build trusting relationships within our company and, equally important, with our customers.”

This business philosophy inspires mutually prosperous connections with our customers.

Technology brings quality and innovation

Today, SHOWA is renowned for both quality and innovation. Our technology has forever changed our industry, what our hands are capable of, as well as the impact we make on our environment.

We have achieved this by utilising the latest resources in technology. We understand PPE standards, and guarantee our customers nothing less than the highest level of quality hand protection. This belief is one of the reasons that SHOWA’s products are well-known, respected and worn by millions of people around the world.

We pioneer the quality, performance and protection to give ordinary hands extraordinary abilities.

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