Shallow Water pH Logger AquapHOx-L-pH

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PyroScience is a manufacturer of high-precision optical sensors based on unique optical detection techniques (REDFLASH technology).

The product line includes various fibre-based and smart contactless sensor heads for compact PC-operated and stand-alone read-out devices for measurements in gas, water, aqueous and semi-solid samples. Sensor systems are also available for challenging measurements in organic solvents, microfluidics and high-throughput screening and for various OEM applications, such as oxygen gas monitoring, underwater/deep sea applications, and many others.

We offer unprecedented multi-parameter solutions for applications in e.g. life sciences, experimental biology, aquatic sciences, biotechnology, bioprocessing, microbiology, water- and wastewater-treatment, aquaculture, marine research, or environmental monitoring.

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  • Broad range of optical pH sensors
  • Operation up to 100 m depth
  • Stand-alone logging up to >1 year
  • Integrated rechargeable battery
  • Integrated fast Pt100 temp. sensor

The AquapHOx-L-pH is a pH long-term logger for stand-alone shallow-water operation down to 100m water depth. The logger was designed as platform to be combined with a wide range of different optical pH or temperature sensor formats. The selection of diverse pH sensor formats offers maximum flexibility regarding application like measurements of ocean pH on the total scale with neglectable impact of salinity.

The entire pH sensor portfolio with SUB-connector can be used with the AquapHOx-L-pH logger. Maintenance time is minimized by simply exchanging these disposable sensor heads. Choose between a pH sensor cap (PHCAP-PKx-SUB) for long-time monitoring or fiber-optic screw-cap probes (PHROBSC-PKX-SUB) for pH sensing with spatial resolution in e.g. coral reefs. The pH sensors are also available for different pH ranges suitable for your application.

Simultaneous oxygen monitoring is can be realized by parallel deployment of the AquapHOx-L-O2 logger. For deployments >100m depth, please refer to our deep-sea multi-analyte logger AquapHOx-LX with titanium housing.

POM Housing. This device can be deployed to a depth of 100m.

Supported analytes. This meter features ONE optical channel compatible to a broad range of optical pH and temperature sensors with SUB-connectors. The optical sensor of your choice must be purchased separately. Each optical sensor is automatically temperature compensated by the integrated fast Pt100 sensor head.

Stand-alone logging. Log your data (up to >1 year) without a connection to a PC with this stand-alone long-term logger. After the experiment, download the data with our included versatile Windows software for data processing. The integrated maintenance-free lithium battery is then recharged within <2 hours for the next deployment.

Huge data memory. This device comes with a built-in data memory of 4GB of industrial grade for ca. 40 million data points, offering virtually unlimited data memory even during long expeditions.

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Shallow Water pH Logger AquapHOx-L-pH

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