Retractable Needle-Type Oxygen Sensors

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PyroScience is a manufacturer of high-precision optical sensors based on unique optical detection techniques (REDFLASH technology).

The product line includes various fibre-based and smart contactless sensor heads for compact PC-operated and stand-alone read-out devices for measurements in gas, water, aqueous and semi-solid samples. Sensor systems are also available for challenging measurements in organic solvents, microfluidics and high-throughput screening and for various OEM applications, such as oxygen gas monitoring, underwater/deep sea applications, and many others.

We offer unprecedented multi-parameter solutions for applications in e.g. life sciences, experimental biology, aquatic sciences, biotechnology, bioprocessing, microbiology, water- and wastewater-treatment, aquaculture, marine research, or environmental monitoring.

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These fiber-optic oxygen sensors offer unprecedented fast response times (down to <<1s) combined with high spatial resolution (down to ~50µm tip diameter). They are based on optical detection principles (REDFLASH technology). They assure very precise measurements, as they do not consume any oxygen and show no stirring sensitivity.

Furthermore, they come with an extremely long shelf time of >3 years. The actual sensor tip is surrounded by a 40 mm long syringe needle and can be moved out with a unique 4-step sliding mechanism. When retracted into the needle, the sensor tip is protected giving maximum protection while handling the sensor or while penetrating packages or a septa. The complete sensor is resistant to corrosive environments (e.g. seawater), as all metallic parts are made of stainless steel.

Trace range versions. Special trace range versions are available for high precision measurements close to 0%O2. They offer about 4x higher resolution compared to the full range oxygen sensors. The recommended measuring range is 0-10% O2. However, a calibration at ambient air (21% O2) is possible, ensuring a straightforward calibration without the need of special calibration standards.

  • Optical oxygen sensors
  • Microsensors & Minisensors
  • Original REDFLASH technology
  • Works in gas (%O2) and in liquids (DO)
  • No oxygen consumption
  • Response times down to <0.3 s
  • Sensor tip retractable in needle
  • >3 years shelf time
  • Stainless steel
  • Optional underwater / deep sea versions
  • Optional trace oxygen versions

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Retractable Needle-Type Oxygen Sensors

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