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Recom Industriale Srl of Genoa is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company, established and operating since 1996 in the sectors of instrumentation for safety in the workplace. It directly produces and markets instrumentation for gas detection and for personal and environmental sampling of dusts , through innovative product lines, of exclusive representation and with its own independent design and construction activity.

The company is articulated on a flexible structure, supported by suitable means of communication that allow it to manage the planning and documentation activities.

The collaborators come from a long and proven experience in the fields of prevention , sampling and gas detectors and there is no shortage of young, dynamic and motivated people.

A well-equipped testing and calibration laboratory, certified according to the IEC 17025 standard, allows the diagnosis of faults, the calibration, the configuration of the transmitters and gas detectors and all instruments covered, that they are produced by companies operating under a Quality regime. The Company manufactures and assembles fixed systems for gas monitoring , with catalytic, electrochemical, PID, IR sensors, ATEX certified for use in areas at risk of explosion , RINA , ABS and MED for use in marine applications . In addition, it markets innovative product lines, intended for the safety sectors and relating to the detection of gases and dusts, such as portable instruments for the identification of pollutants and toxic gases, oxygen and flammable gases, personal samplers and environmental samplers of airborne dust , instruments for the control of the air quality in closed places, in addition to Breathalyzers both pre-test and approved by the Italian Ministry of Transport.

Sensor for the detection of flammable gases with catalytic bead or toxic gases with electrochemical cells. The sensor comes with a 4-20 mA transmitter and the internal PCB has a display useful to perform the calibration of the cell. It provides concentration (ppm, %LEL or % vol.) and current (mA) reading. The technology is proven and affordable, useful to be used in harsh environment and ATEX areas

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Recom sensor

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