Plate heat exchanger BWT-DW (double wall)

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For more than 50 years the employees of Bühler Technologies have been have been developing, manufacturing and distributing components and system solutions in the “Gas Analysis“ and “Fluidcontrol“ divisions.

We offer flexible, system-compatible sensors and devices with state-of-the-art output signals for liquid level, temperature and pressure monitoring as well as for filter and moisture monitoring in hydraulic-systems. With the oil-water and oil-air coolers, filtering units and customer-specific subsystems, we meet today’s requirements in terms of a cost-effective and reliable operation of oil installations, even in hazardous areas. The Bühler Fluidcontrol product line extends the service life of oil and components, provides connectivity for automated operation, facilitates condition monitoring and helps reduce operating and maintenance costs.

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  • Particularly suited for corrosive media
  • Equally distributed turbulent flow
  • High exchange efficiency
  • Low water consumption
  • Little installation space required
  • Maintenance free
  • Broad temperature range
  • Easy installation

Hydraulic drives and lubricating systems are indispensable in machine construction, raw material production, navigation and many other areas.
Both as a power transfer medium and lubricant, oil is heated by friction losses during operation.
Since the viscosity of the oil changes along with the temperature, precise temperature stabilisation using coolers is a vital requirement for systems and drives for consistent power. In addition to the unlimited supply of ambient air, water is also used as a coolant. The advantage of water is the low susceptibility to seasonal temperature fluctuations and large companies often use it as a central circulation coolant.
BWT plate heat exchangers are a particularly efficient solution in these cases. They are extremely compact, practically maintenance free and easy to install.

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Plate heat exchanger BWT-DW (double wall)

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