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Ocean HDX


The latest spectrometer from Ocean Optics uses a novel optical bench design and high-performance components to provide high throughput, low stray light and excellent thermal stability for integrated, industrial and research applications. The Ocean HDX has a back-thinned CCD array and new “High Definition Optics” design to deliver an exceptional level of spectral performance for a compact, UV-Visible spectrometer.

At the heart of the Ocean HDX is its High Definition Optics design, which uses a combination of optimized optical bench components, specialized materials and precision engineering to maximize optical resolution, increase throughput, reduce stray light and maintain thermal stability. This elevates system performance for several measurement types:

  • Low stray light performance contributes to high dynamic range and high absorbance linearity (nearly 3 AU) for determining the concentration of analytes in solutions. These features also make it possible to measure optically dense samples, quickly and with high accuracy.
  • High throughput and the use of a back-thinned CCD detector deliver higher sensitivity performance for low light applications including fluorescence.
  • Optical resolution of <1.0 nm (FWHM) and extraordinary peak symmetry set a new benchmark for this size of bench, delivering superior performance in applications such as absolute colour accuracy.


What's in it?

(Preliminary specs)

  • Detector: Back-thinned CCD
  • Spectral range: 200-1100 nm
  • Optical Resolution: 0.61-0.72 nm FWHM*
  • Integration time: 6 ms – 10 seconds
  • Dynamic range: 10,000:1
  • Throughput: f/4 cone on detector with 300 μm fiber
  • Stray light: >3 AU
  • Thermal stability: +/-0.5 pixels over 0-45 °C
  • Communications: USB, Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi, SPI, RS232
  • Operating temp: 0-45 °C
  • Weight: 400 g
  • Size (millimeters): 88.9 x 63.5 x 52.4


*Average over the entire spectral range using 10 μm slit


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