Nevis Powered Fresh Air Breathing Apparatus (FABA) System

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The Nevis Fresh Air Breathing Apparatus (FABA) System is certified to the PPE Regulation to EN138:1994 Class 2 standard. The powered system (R26/500, R26/500/EURO) may be used in a potentially flammable atmosphere provided the mini turbine unit itself is not sited within or close to this flammable atmosphere. The Mini-Turbine is NOT intrinsically safe and should not be sited in an area which has a flammable atmosphere or may become flammable. The Mini-Turbine should not be left unattended during use.

  • Typical applications are gas works, confined spaces, fuel tanks, utility work, aerospace.

Approved To

EN138 Class 2
EN136 Class 2
Mini Turbine – IP54 Protection from Dusts and Liquids, Electrical Equipment, Safety Regulations- As per requirements of EN 60529
Conforms to Low Voltage Directive – Meets requirements of EN 60335 1:2012+A11
Conforms to EMC Directive – Meets requirements of EN 61000-6-1:2007, EN 61000-6 -3:2007+A1:2011 and EN 62233:2008

Key Features

System Kit: New Nevis FABA System is supplied with the following components:

Face Mask: Nevis Full Face Mask Respirator

Powered: Mini-Turbine

Kit also includes: Double Air Hose with Full Face Mask Adaptors, FR Waistbelt, 9m Breathing Hose (other hose lengths available up to 40m), Strainer & Anchor Pin Assembly, Flash Hood, Bright Orange Mask Storage Bag, Heavy duty storage case with transport handle

Product Code: R26/500S

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Nevis Powered Fresh Air Breathing Apparatus (FABA) System

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