Multi Gas O2 and CO2 Detector- Portable Multi Gas Detector

Introducing IGD’s latest Portable Multi Gas Detector Pro with CO2 and O2 is ideal for a wide scope of applications, including:

• Refrigeration
• Bottle stores
• Breweries
• Laboratories
• Cellars
• Cryogenics

Ideal for both personal protection for both you and your employees and also alarm verification of your fixed system.

• O2 0-30% v/v
• CO2 0-5000 ppm

Detecting CO2 at ppm level has a number of advantages including:

– Knowing exactly how much CO2 is present with a 1 ppm resolution
– Detect leaks before they become hazardous and expensive
– Alarm levels below EH40 exposure levels ensures your workers are not exposed to dangerous levels of CO2.

Furthermore, there is no need to follow the calculations stated on EH 40 when exposure to more than 5000ppm.

Portable Multi Gas Detector PRO with Data Logging

This portable multi gas detector (pro) uses the latest sensor and micro control technology. This ensures the detector has higher accuracy, better repeatability and a faster response time, increasing personnel safety.
The new portable multi gas detector features a new, modern design compared to the current industry standard. It has many features, including two year sensor life, a large colour LCD display, and a wide array of gases. This ensures the detector can be tailored to your specific gas requirements.

Up to 500 alarm records and over 30 different gas options can be stored on the portable. This ensures you are never under-specified with the International Gas Detectors Multi Gas detector. It is perfect for a wide range of industries and applications, ensuring workers are properly protected from gas hazards. Additionally, they also make ideal solutions for alarm verification with your fixed gas detection system

About International Gas Detectors

International Gas Detectors have been specialists in gas detection technology for over 100 years, since the company’s establishment in 1917. Our fixed addressable gas detection products, which can be found worldwide, are manufactured in the UK. Our systems help to protect people and plant against gas hazards in industry, research and commercial applications.

We offer a vast and versatile product range with detector heads for every possible environment. Pioneering the use of addressable gas detection systems IGD today offer the latest networked systems.

Our latest addressable gas detection systems network using IGD’s Sentinel+ 2-Wire protocol for enhanced operation and security. IGD is the home of addressable gas detection but we still offer legacy analogue detectors used to interface to older systems.

Our Addressable Gas Detection technology has been utilised extensively for the last 15 years in all industries from Offshore and Onshore Oil and Gas Industry through to Construction, Building Management and Ventilation.

International Gas Detectors Ltd also provides a variety of installation, calibration, commissioning and repair services. This is to keep your personnel and plant safe. Not only do we present on-going traceable calibration and maintenance for our own gas detection systems but also those from other major brands of detection equipment.

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