Duram Mask for MINI KIMI

Chemical Escape Mask
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Our mission is to develop, manufacture and also market products that are at the forefront of personal safety innovation. Our goal is to deliver solutions that will enable our customers to function with maximum self-assurance as well as peace of mind. Therefore, knowing they are in possession of a quality personal escape device they can count on.

At Duram Mask, we strive to create products that will provide the most immediate protection possible in order to facilitate a rapid and safe evacuation. For over 20 years, we have been dedicated to producing groundbreaking innovation and globally recognized patents that rigorously adhere to international quality standards. We also continue to heavily invest in our development to accommodate the evolving needs of our customers.

We are proud to provide quality personal safety solutions to the following industries:

  • Chemical and petrochemical
  • Oil, gas and mining
  • Transportation
  • Emergency and law enforcement agencies
  • High-rise developments
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes and the hotel industry
  • Duram masks were included in the safety gear of security and infrastructure teams at the Olympic Games

Safeguard yourself with a Duram Mask; you can never be too prepared.

Duram Masks are currently marketed and distributed worldwide directly or through our global network of highly reputable distributors.

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The MINI KIMI mask is designed to provide users with short-term respiratory protection during situations involving chemical spills and chemical warfare.

Its filters are fitted with electrostatic particle filtration P2, offering superior protection and utmost comfort and enabling rapid and levelheaded response in emergencies involving low levels of hazardous materials.

The MINI KIMI protects its wearer against organic gases with a boiling point higher than 65ºC; several inorganic gases; sulphuric gases and other acidic gases, as well as ammonia and ammonia derivatives. It also protects against these substances in particle form.

The MINI KIMI’s design meets the needs of several sectors:

  • Marine
  • Chemical and Petrochemical Industries
  • Mining, Oil and Gas


  • Particle Filtration: >99%
  • Dimensons: 12.5cm x 9.5cm x 4cm
  • Weight: 235g
  • Certification: CE Mark
  • Sectors: Marine, Chemical, Perto-Chemical, Mining, Civilian

Gas Capacity Challenge Concentration (ppm):

  • Organics (A): 500
  • Inorganics (B): 500
  • Acidic (E): 500
  • Ammonia (K): 500

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Duram Mask for MINI KIMI

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