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AQUARIA Srl  began its activity in December 1989, initially as a distributor of products for the control of air and water quality.

Thanks to the organization of its internal production, AQUARIA srl is able to offer a high level of customization in the configuration of the products, providing “tailor-made” solutions to satisfy the specific needs of each customer with flexibility and speed.

The testing, calibration and technical assistance on the offered instrumentation are carried out by highly qualified and experienced personnel able to support the customer, with efficiency and accuracy, in the post-sales phase.

AQUARIA srl also offers its customers a presence on the national territory with specialized and authorized assistance centers, always available for constant and timely support, with telephone interventions, on site and at its operating offices.

MICROFLOW alfa has been developed for air bio-contaminants sampling (e.g. fungal spores, bacterial cells, etc…) in critical places MICROFLOW allows to verify, qualify and quantify microorganism presence. In this way you can value the exposure or you can identify the source in order to put in place corrective actions.

MICROFLOW KIT includes :

  • Carrying case
  • Microbiological air sampler
  • Additional aluminium sampling head (only for kit Microflow alfa 60 and 90C)
  • Battery charger
  • IR remote control
  • Pencil torch for head sterilisation
  • Plate for vertical positioning sampler
  • User manual (in English)
  • Test report

Some possible APPLICATIONS are:

  • clean rooms
  • hospitals
  • pharmaceutical industries
  • food and diary industries
  • air treatment plants
  • water treatment plants
  • working areas exposed to controls in demand of HACCP

Main Features

  • Chassie in disinfectable polyurethane and resistent to impacts
  • Autoclavable anodised aluminium sampling head,with conical holes:
  • 60 mm head: 219 holes (Ø 1 mm) 90 mm head: 380 holes (Ø 1 mm)
  • Bayonet head coupling system
  • Autoclavable anodiced aluminium support plate
  • Two ON/OFF red LED to verify that the instrument is working
  • Sampling flow rates: 30-60-90-100-120 l/min (180 l/min on request)
  • Sampling mode: manual, sequential and programmed sampling
  • Total volume of sampled air programmable from 1 up to 2000 litres: 1 litre step (program and sequential sampling mode) or more (manual sampling)

Other Features

  • Sampling in vertical or horizontal position without tripod auxilium
  • Delay start function
  • Calibration function (with optional calibration kit)
  • Memorisation of 160 samples
  • USB output interface for PC computer connection (optional)
  • Remote switch with infra-red rays control
  • Rechargeable battery operated. Battery Ni/Mh (memory effect free) with 4 hours battery life. Recharging battery in 3 – 4 hours.
  • Weight: 1,9 kg
  • Dimension:310x130x170mm(WxDxH)

Available Models

  • MICROFLOW a 60:
    • it works with contact plates (Ø 60 ± 2 mm)
  • MICROFLOW a 90/C*:
    • it works with Petri dishes (Ø 90 ± 2 mm)
  • MICROFLOWa 60-90/C*:
    • it works with both contact plates (Ø 60 ± 2 mm) and Petri dishes (Ø 90 ± 2 mm)

* with compensation system of flow rate

Flow rate calibration system has been developed by “Politecnico di Milano” – Technical University Aerospatial Engineering Department (rel. n.377/2003) and it has been certified by I.N.RI.M of Turin (Certif. n. 10-0114-01/2010)

  • Pencil torch
  • Additional aluminium sampling head
  • Nose for CFU measurement in ducts not under pressure. Diam. 35mm.
    (for 60 or 90 mm. head)
  • PC interface with software (following n° 1962 UNICHIM manual)
  • Master tripod (maximum height 3,66m)
  • Calibration system kit

Built in COMPLIANCE with ISO 14698-1

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