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The AtmosTM series of fixed long pathlength gas cells represent the ultimate in premium FTIR sampling accessories for measuring the infrared spectra of gases and vapours. Designed for use with gases at a wide range of temperatures and pressures, they are the ideal choice for the analyst who demands superior performance characteristics, and high standard specifications.

AtmosTM gas cells are suitable for operation in all modern FTIR spectrometers. Cells are available as standard with a metal body for operation at ambient temperatures and pressures ranging from vacuum to 125psi.

Key applications include emissions testing, greenhouse gases, volatiles and toxic combustion gases.

Specac History

Research & Industrial Instruments was founded in 1954 by Dr. Tadion to serve the market for sample handling devices. In 1955 he joined forces with Terry Horsley, Harry Merralls as well as Stan Ranson and the company continued growing quickly. It was in 1965 that Bernard Hawker also joined them in their enterprises.

Then, in 1968 Research & Industrial Instruments was acquired by Beckman Instruments, but in 1970, Beckman relocated to Scotland. In January 1971 Bernard Hawker and Stan Ranson started their own company, ‘Spectroscopic Accessories’, manufacturing graphite disks. It was in March 1971 when Terry Horsley and Harry Merralls were invited to join this new company, to strengthen the optics manufacturing element of the business and Analytical Accessories Ltd was formed. The range of products grew and they soon provided infrared accessories and optical components, as well as mounts, HPLC valves and far infrared instruments.

The name ‘SPECAC’ originated from a shipping agent deciding that “Spectroscopic Accessories Company” was too long.

By December 1984, Specac had built up a reliable worldwide network and became a member of the Defence and Instrumentation Division of Cambridge Electronics Industries (which later changed its name to Graseby plc).

1990 saw the development of a strategic plan to develop the company into a leading edge FTIR sample handling accessory manufacturer and in 1994 the company relocated into a purpose built building.

In 1997 Specac became part of Smiths Group, one of the UK’s largest companies.

Specac Leading products include

  • Quest ATR spectrometer accessory
  • Pearl FTIR transmission spectrometer accessory
  • Autotouch automatic hydraulic press
  • Manual hydraulic press
  • Mini-Press handheld hydraulic press
  • Golden Gate ATR spectrometer accessory (heated, supercritical fluid, low temperature and more options available)
  • Wire Grid Polarizers

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