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The LeveLine-CTD is a water level, temperature, conductivity and salinity recording device that has been specifically designed for long term water level logging. It is made from titanium making it suitable for deployment in all water types.

LeveLine-CTD Water Level ,Temperature, Conductivity and Salinity Logger

The brand new Leveline CTD from Aquaread expands our range of highly accurate water level loggers to now include an all in one level, temperature, conductivity and salinity level logger.

Our range now includes multiple water quality monitoring packages for both portable and permanent applications, water level loggers both absolute and vented and now including a conductivity variant. All of our products are 100% designed and manufactured in house.

We work actively in the surface water, ground water and waste water sectors globally. This year, Aquaread will be demonstrating a low flow sampling set up using our most popular probe the AP2000 which houses 13 parameters in a 42mm body!


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