Key Safe Box KSB 5l

Key Safe Box KSB 5l

Manufacturers, Innovators and Solution providers in Lockout / Tagout products, we are headquartered in Dubai (UAE) since 2011. We provide customized solutions to Utilities, Oil & Gas, EPC’s, Marine & Offshore, Ports & Aviation, Facilities management, Steel, Aluminium and many more who rely on us to keep their workplace safe and compliant.

Our offering in Lockout / Tagout encompasses Presentations, Hazard Identification, On-Site Assessments, Demonstration, supply of LOTO Devices, Tags & Padlocks, coupled with installation support. These services are available to both existing & first time users of LO/TO.

LOTO Safety is launching two new patented and innovative products in 2020. KAB-O-LOK™ Cable Lockout & TEAM-LOK™ Safety padlock addresses specific issues in Lockout Tagout programs during plant maintenance, shutdowns and turnarounds.

KAB-O-LOK™ Cable Lockout reduces considerable downtime on isolating wheel valves in upstream & downstream industries.

TEAM-LOK™ safety lockout padlock’s unique patented design permits a sequential locking and unlocking system of First In / Last Out and vice versa, creating a physical and visible hierarchical tree.

This physical implementation of procedural hierarchy ensures that even a series of lapses in safety procedure cannot culminate in an accident.

LOTO Safety is committed to launching products that address existing gaps, have higher tamper resistance and eliminate the guesswork from LOTO.

Our inventory of LOTO products is one of the largest in the MENA region enabling us to meet immediate requirements with same day dispatches.

Our customized solutions enhance productivity and reduce downtime related to injury during servicing, maintenance and commissioning of plant and equipment, ensuring Safe Work Practices.

Specialties: Lockouts & Tagouts (LOTO), Arc Flash PPE, Insulated gloves, Arc Face shields, FR Hoods, Electric Shock Resistant Safety Shoes, Insulated Platforms, Rescue equipment, Switchboard Matting, Voltage detectors, Earthing & Short Circuiting equipment and Shotgun sticks (Gripalls) available in stock from our Dubai facility.

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