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Safety Eyebolt Solutions - a comprehensive range of Class A1 EN 795 fixed and removable safety anchors, featuring KEYANKA and RINGANKA.

Safe window cleaning

Window cleaning is a hazardous maintenance task carried out on most premises. On buildings where access is regularly required using a harness, consideration should be given to using safety eyebolts to attach the harness line to. Safety eyebolts are ideal for single working person, reducing a risk of fall whilst carrying out external window cleaning and general maintenance.

Eyebolts should be positioned so that the operative can attach their lanyard and safety harness before being at risk, ensuring safe access and personal protection in the event of an accidental slip or fall.

Kee i-bolt® safety eyebolts product range

Kee Safety offers a comprehensive selection of Type A safety anchors designed to offer effective fall arrest protection for those carrying out high level window, façade cleaning or other building maintenance operations from an ‘open window’ position. However, it is important that the correct eyebolt is used to suit the material and the positioning is determined by a competent person.

The Kee i-bolt® range comprises two product brands named Ringanka® and Keyanka®.

Eyebolt specification should only be undertaken by a competent person, in order to ensure that the correct eyebolt is used for the given structure.  Re-certification of the product must also be carried out in accordance with BS EN 7883 and EN 365.

Ringanka® anchor devices

The Ringanka® portfolio comprises fixed eyebolts in a choice of three different sizes for straightforward and secure wall installation, suitable for use in a range of materials. The safety eyebolt provides a fixed anchoring point, either external or internally within the building, where workers can attach a lanyard and safety harness to ensure safe access and personal protection in the event of an accidental slip or fall. Available in a polished stainless steel, galvanised or plastic-coated finish to blend with prestige building applications and different interior schemes, the safety eyebolt can be securely fitted to different building fabrics, including brick, concrete, masonry and steel. The eyebolts are supplied with knurled inserts and resin capsules to allow easy installation and removal for periodic inspection. A PPE warning disc can also be provided as part of the range.

Keyanka® removable anchor

Keyanka is a removable safety eyebolt offering an unobtrusive solution to traditional eyebolts in more prestigious buildings. The anchor socket is permanently installed but discreetly covered by a white plastic cover. When required for use, the cover is removed and the special ‘key-type’ eyebolt, typically attached to the worker’s lanyard, is inserted into the socket hole. A simple key action activates a spring locking movement to provide a fast and safe attachment whilst allowing 180° rotation to suit usage requirements.

  • Comprehensive range of safety eyebolts and accessories
  • Provides workers with safe means of access
  • Suitable for use in tension and in shear
  • Both products conform to EN 795 Type A
  • Re-certification of the product must be carried out in accordance with BS EN 7883 and EN 365.
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About Kee Safety Ltd

Established in the UK in 1934, the range has expanded from the original Kee Klamp® products into a portfolio of safety equipment. All designed to separate people from hazards. Kee Safety is a leading global supplier of components and bespoke systems for railings, barriers, roof edge protection and fall prevention and safe access equipment for working at height.

Kee Safety strives to provide the highest level of safety solutions. Our products are used to protect people in many applications and countries around the globe.

Serving every size customer and client, as well as providing solutions for every project. From code compliant rooftop safety products such as KEEGUARD and skylight fall protection or DDA handrailing and compliant guardrails. No handrail project is too big, or safety railing too small for Kee Safety.

The Kee Safety Export Division sells our products through distributors in over 50 countries. Our Export Team also has the ability to manage projects directly.

  • Fall Protection: Collective and Personal Fall Protection systems. Roof edge guardrail and skylight protection, horizontal life line and portable anchor products
  • Safe Access Solutions: Roof Top Walkways, Self Closing Safety Gates, Bespoke Access Platforms and Roof Top Step Overs, and Industrial Roof Access Systems
  • Tubular Fittings: Kee Klamp®, Kee Lite® & Kee Access® tubular fittings
  • Steelwork Fixings: BeamClamp® & BoxBolt® steel to steel connection products

Kee Safety Ltd products are available in the UK through a well established network of distributors, as well as fall protection partners.

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