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In 2015, Prof De Wet Swanepoel and Prof Herman Myburgh, were deliberating and conceptualising the possibility of hearing testing on a smartphone. What started out as a conversation between two friends, has now evolved into a company that has conducted over 1.3 million tests across 191 different countries. Developing a solution to improve the accessibility of hearing healthcare was the idea that sparked hearX Group. hearX® is a digital health technology company that is passionate about healthy hearing and on a mission to make it accessible to everyone, everywhere. The business consists of two divisions, B2B and B2C. The B2B side offers award-winning clinical hearing health solutions for hearing healthcare professionals and retailers. With the Lexie Hearing platform, the B2C side offers DTC / OTC hearing aids at 80% less than the cost of traditional hearing aids on a fully inclusive remote care model. Using smart tech, artificial intelligence and big data, hearX has built a suite of smart digital solutions to detect, diagnose and treat hearing loss around the globe, making cost-effective hearing accessible to those who need it most.

Reshape the way you perform ear examinations. hearScope is a digital video otoscope that captures high-quality images and videos from a smartphone or desktop, running the free hearScope application. This innovative solution offers an Artificial Intelligence (AI) image classification feature that accurately and instantaneously categorises captured images. The AI system applies machine learning to provide an accurate image classification for normal, wax obstructions, and chronic perforations with a 94% accuracy (the AI model is in BETA version; more classification categories will be added to the model in the production release). The user-friendly application means anyone, anywhere in the world, can record images and videos of a person’s eardrum and ear canal, and obtain an instantaneous AI image classification.


Software features:

  • Receive an instantaneous image classification when capturing images
  • Auto-crop and auto-zoom of the image to fit to the screen for a detailed and clear view
  • Capture images whilst recording a video
  • Ability to edit and customise session names
  • Variable magnification
  • Review and edit the latest images or videos directly from the camera view
  • Variable view functionality
  • 30 Frames/sec video frame rate
  • Integrate with the mHealth cloud-based data management solution
  • Secure cloud-based storage

Hardware features:

  • High-quality 2 MP camera
  • Variable light source
  • Dermal and throat adapter assists with the capturing of images of moles and skin lesions, and have the ability to fit tongue depressors to capture throat inspections
  • Convenient range of specula included to fit ears of all sizes (2x 3mm; 2x 4mm; 2x 5mm)

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